Getting to know Amelia County

Amelia County, named in honor of Princess Amelia of Great Britain, was first established in 1735. Since its beginning, the county borders have been cut away twice. Amelia County is historically tied to the civil war, famously for the Battle of Sailor’s Creek. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Amelia County has a population of nearly 13,000 and estimates Amelia County will continue to see growth! Will you find a home in Amelia County? 

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What to do in Amelia County

Amelia COUNTY Morefield Mine

Amelia County is known for its abundance of rare minerals, including those found in Morefield Mine. First discovered in 1928, Morefield Mine is home to 80 different minerals including amazonite. Today, Morefield Mine is used for recreational mining and open to the public. For more information on Amelia County’s Morefield Mine, click here!


Amelia COUNTY Wildlife Management Area

Amelia County wildlife management area offers 2,217 acres of outdoor fun! Amelia Lake, Saunders Pond, and Appomattox River offer a rich supply of fishing and boating opportunities. Additional recreations include: hunting, fishing, shooting ranges, wildlife viewing, nature photography and king, boating, horseback riding, and camping. For more information on Amelia County’s Wildlife Management Area, click here!


Amelia COUNTY Day Celebration & Amelia County Fair

Amelia County and its residence put aside two days out of the year for some self-love! Amelia County Day Celebration is hosted every Mother’s Day and Amelia County Fair is hosted in August/September. In 1986, Amelia County Fair was awarded with the world’s largest potato pancake and recently honored as the best small county fair in all of Virginia. For more information on Amelia County, please visit their website




Below is a map displaying all local schools within Amelia County. For more information, please refer to their webpages as many offer a dynamic curriculum and specialty programs.   


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