Getting to know buckingham County

Buckingham County, believed to be named after the Duke of Buckingham, was established in 1761 and is located in the very heart of Virginia. With Virginia being widely known for its geographic beauty and rich historical value, Buckingham County is no exception. According to records, General Lee’s army marched directly through the area after the Confederates surrender to the Union in Appomattox, Virginia.Today, Buckingham County is a thriving and quaint region with a population of roughly 17,032. If you’re looking to find a home in an area of rural beauty with a strong sense of community value, then Buckingham County is the place for you!  

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What to do in buckingham County

Buckingham county historic village at lee wayside 

The Historic Village is a property owned by the Historic Buckingham, Inc. It rests on nearly 40 acres and is the site where General Robert E. Lee and the remaining confederate troops camped on their way back to Richmond following their surrender at Appomattox. The village is a local treasure equipped with a colonial garden, blacksmith shop and much more! For more information on Buckingham County’s Historic Village at Lee Wayside, click here!


Buckingham satchidananda ashram-yogaville

Yogaville was established in 1980 by Satchidananda Saraswati, an Indian religious teacher famously known for being the opening speaker at Woodstock in 1969. Today, Yogaville serves as one of the world's most renowned Yoga destinations and retreat centers. People travel from all over the country to view its eqsuite Ashram grounds and learn more about the ancient history of Yoga and enlightenment. For more information on Buckingham County’s Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, click here!



Below is a map displaying all local schools within Buckingham County. For more information, please refer to their webpages as many offer a dynamic curriculum and specialty programs. 

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