Getting to know Farmville

Located along the headwaters of the Appomattox River, the town of Farmville was formed in 1798 and is one of the most historically valued communities that Virginia has to offer. Farmville is currently home to many thriving businesses, industries, as well as educational organizations. Longwood University, located in the heart of Farmville, was established in 1839 as the first state teacher training college in the Commonwealth of Virginia.The town is also within close proximity to Hampden-Sydney College, a private male college that was founded in 1776.Today, Farmville is a growing community with a population of over 8,000 residents. Could Farmville be the place you call home?

Get to know Farmvilles neighboring countiesPowhatan, Chesterfield, Nottoway, Prince Edward, and Cumberland


What to do in Farmville

Farmville's High Bridge State Trail

High Bridge Trail is a 31 mile trail located in Farmville and is the longest recreational bridge in Virginia. Hovering 125 feet above the Appomattox River, High Bridge is the perfect destination for a leisurely stroll, long hike, or bike ride. For more info on all that High Bridge has to offer, click here!


Farmville's R.R. Moton Museum

The Robert Russa Moton Museum, formerly known as the Robert Russa Moton High School, is a National Historic Landmark where the first non-violent student demonstration took place in 1951. Three years later, this demonstration become one of the five cases that the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed in Brown V.S. Board of Education, which ruled that segregation was unconstitutional. The museum is a great destination for gained insight on the towns history and what it must have been like to be a resident of Farmville during the Civil Rights era, for more information on the R.R. Moton Museum, click here!


SCHOOLS IN Farmville

Below is a map displaying all local schools within Farmville. For more information, please refer to their webpages as many offer a dynamic curriculum and specialty programs.   

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